Facebook hiring a Data Scientist for Calibra team

Facebook hiring a Data Scientist for Calibra team

In an effort to help the marketing efforts, Facebook is hiring an experienced Data Scientists to join the Calibra Data Science team.

They are looking for someone with a strong background in statistical modeling and data analytics.

According to Facebook, “This person will work very closely with cross-functional partners to provide insightful analytics. This work includes measuring the impact of marketing in driving brand, increasing user growth and engagement, testing various creatives to optimize impact of marketing at scale, identifying and testing new audience segments, and working as a consultative partner to our marketing team. “

The Data Scientist is expected to work across the following four areas:

  • Marketing Operations
  • Exploratory Analysis
  • Product Leadership
  • Data Infrastructure

The job post states, “This analytics professional should thrive at the intersection of data, human behavior, marketing, product, and engineering. The ideal candidate will have a strong technical and analytical background, as well as an intense hunger to make a significant business impact by owning and driving business outcomes.”

Facebook also gave out some more details on Calibra:

Calibra is building financial services on top of the Libra ecosystem. Our first product is a digital wallet for Libra that will be built into WhatsApp, Messenger, and available as a standalone app for iOS and Android. With Calibra, we want to make sending money as simple as sending a photo. The wallet will be the delivery vehicle for many financial services starting with personal payments, but expanding to online and offline commerce and eventually lending and personal financial management. 

LibraCrunch reported yesterday that Facebook is heavily invested in getting people on-board with Blockchain expertise. As of this writing there are 29 unfilled Blockchain-related positions.

Facebook took the wrapper off its Libra project with the publication of The Libra Whitepaper along with supporting documents last week.

The announcement has received mixed reactions from leaders throughout the world. Facebook is facing The Senate Banking committee in the middle of July, France has created a task force to address Libra and Bank of England expressed cautious optimism. Last week, Facebook’s co-found Chris Huges published a lengthy op-ed on The Financial times voicing his concerns regarding the Libra Project.