Facebook’s push to crypto continues with the hiring spree of Blockchain specialists

Facebook's push to crypto continues with the hiring spree of Blockchain specialists

Facebook’s careers page has seen a recent uptick in positions relating to Blockchain. As of this writing there are 28 open positions that Facebook is Looking to fill.

Some key roles include:

While the job descriptions does not specifically mention “Libra” anywhere, it is safe to assume that the role will be directly or indirectly involved in helping propel the Libra Project forward.

The positions are being filled for Facebook’s Menlo Park, CA headquarters and its satellite offices in Tel Aviv, Israel, HongKong and Singapore.

A notable hire is the Lead International Blockchain Counsel, who “will be responsible for advising clients on the various legal risks related to launch of new products and international expansion of those products. ”

This Counsel will, among other responsibilities, “advise on existing and new regulatory requirements potentially applicable to blockchain applications, including data protection, securities and payments regulation.”

The new hires will most likely join the team from blockchain startup Chainspace that Facebook acquired earlier this year.

Facebook has been making headlines recently after its announcement of the cryptocurrency “Libra”. With the backing of industrial giants such as PayPal, Uber, Mastercard, VISA and Spotify, the digital currency is expected to launch on the first half of 2020.

Libra is expected to have a massing impact not only on the crypto industry but the global finance as a whole.

Lawmakers are cautiously watching the developments with a series of hearings coming up both US and abroad to make sure proper regulations are in place before the official launch of the currency.